Monday, November 1, 2010

Culture of Punjab

A word that tells us about the Punjabi culture 'hot' is. Punjabi highly energetic, hard working and are hospitable. Punjabi food is delicious and a guest house is awarded to the max. Punjabi songs are full of passion. Drum (drum) beats and rhythms of drums on the steel spoon is a simple style, but adds to the excitement of Punjabi music. The dance styles of Punjab Bhangra, Giddha, kikli and Sammi with more flavor.

Punjabi songs and dances are very togethers and festivals occur during the more essential. Punjab makes it more interesting festivals culture. There pagdi-turban and phulkari dupattas, that comes out during the Baisakhi festival is a riot of color. With a waistcoast salwar kameez and lehenga-kurta women's traditional dress of many colors and style that is Punjabi. Turban styles can be traced and is mandatory for all Sikhs.

The people of Punjab are hot by nature. They all cultures in a Punjabi family and weddings on a great opportunity. marigolds, silk and dishes with a distinct Indianness felt in every ritual. Passionate interludes, beating many of the wedding is to take action, where the bride and groom at a constant chiding Punjabi songs. Sense of humor is essential to enjoy the wedding songs.

Punjab's architecture very well Bhakra dam and Punjab is seen in the fort. Academic institutions and scope for education in Punjab is the key. The main business is agriculture and the well-irrigated season abounds with the specific production. Punjabi by independent state and there to try to maintain their culture a great deal.

Punjabis are known for their keen interest in dress sense and up to date fashion essentials. They love to participate in all events and are humorous by nature. Balance in their bhangra beats Western pop culture and God to produce the effect by showing allegiance to the mantra of Gurbani is maintained.

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